Solar Street Light (timber pole) » SL-4

  • Full series manufactured under supervision in Taiwan
  • 24W LED lamp, comply with IP65 and CE
  • CIGS photonics module:65W, TUV
  • Battery: 100Ah or 150Ah (12Vdc) with UL
  • Intelligent charge controller 12VDC, PWM or MPPT and CE
  • Control box: aluminum and powder spray paint
  • Pole: Tonka Bean (Dipteryx odorota(Aubl.) willd), MCA enviromental wood preservation
  • Acid & alkali resistance, simple installation and maintenance, safe, firm
  • Areas without insufficient power or with instable power
  • Areas where power lines installation is not easy
  • Parks, squares, campuses, paths, landscape areas
  • Seaside, dock and public illumination